About Rivers of Hope

Barb and Betty

Barb and Betty

Barbara Iman first went to Africa in 2005. After having witnessed extreme poverty in Mozambique and along with experiencing a radical encounter with the Living God she got a hold of destiny. Not able to live the safe, normal, predictable life any longer, she sold her home and all her worldly possessions, quit her job as a registered nurse and returned to Africa. The vision God has given her is to see the next generation of Africans arise out of the poverty and mindsets that have held the nations of Africa captive for centuries. Out of this, Rivers of Hope, International was birthed.

Presently Barbara lives in Uganda  bringing hope to the hopeless. She is working with widows, teaching them to sew, thus giving them hope for the future. She has 4 sewing machines and brings the ladies into her home to learn. They are making hand bags which Barbara, along with the help of friends and supporters who have the same vision, sell in the States. She also supports another local widow, Betty, who makes beautiful beaded necklaces, by buying and re-selling them as well.  Barbara also utilizes her nursing background by assisting several different local orphanages on occasion, as well as two government hospitals in the recent past.

Barbara’s vision is not just to help the people of Uganda and the rest of Africa in the short term, but to train the people with whom she works to be self-sufficient individuals in an effort to bring sustainable long-term change to this area.  In starting with a few widows, her vision is to see these “first fruit” successes multiply, and then potentially reach not just a few countries, but the entire continent with the positive and progressive, tangible and lasting message of Christ.

Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father means that we must care for orphans and widows in their troubles. – James 1:27

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. – Matt. 5:3